Tapwell is a Swedish company, with Scandinavian aesthetics and a great curiosity for modern technologies and current interior design trends. We are constantly introducing new designs and developing our range with innovative surface treatments.

It’s the design, the weight, and the texture. It’s the choice of materials, the attention to detail, and the precision in every step of the manufacturing process. All together, they create a feeling that can’t really be described, only experienced. It’s a feeling that you’ll get every morning when you take a shower, every day when you use the kitchen and bathroom. An experience intimately linked to everyday quality of life. We prioritize a perfect end result over making it easy for ourselves. We mix in genuine gold and platinum in the plating. We let the design dictate the width of the pipes instead of just using standard dimensions, and we persist in casting every little component in brass. At the same time, we are careful to maintain a decent price level. Often, a bathroom renovation or a new kitchen is a big investment. That’s why it’s important that the details that stand out enhance the overall impression, just like well-chosen accessories should. They are the jewels of the room.

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Noblessa project

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