About us

Granite & Marble is a family-owned business with a workshop, warehouse, showroom, and office in Norrköping. We are a modern stonemason in a traditional industry where we let opportunities lead the way. We offer a unique holistic experience from showroom, wide range of products to consultation, tailored solutions, and fast delivery.

Collaboration partners

We also deliver large-scale stone solutions to our property partners, hotels, and restaurants. We also collaborate with kitchen stores and house suppliers.

We stock about 100 different types of stone in Norrköping. With a focus on quality, we deliver complete solutions according to our customers’ needs. With our own production and workshop, we can create completely customized solutions at advantageous prices.

We handle the entire production in our workshop and have enormous expertise and knowledge about our materials and products, ensuring quality on site.

We offer all our customers the opportunity to see and feel our materials and products themselves.

Welcome to visit us for viewing and advice.

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Our Team


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Workshop Manager
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Marketing Manager & Salesperson
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Come and visit our showroom and be inspired by stone in all types of rooms and environments. We always have experts on site for advice and quote proposals.

Recommended by hundreds of clients and entrepreneurs all over Sweden.

Ordered a two piece Labrador (black granite) for the kitchen and island. Of all the craftsmen, Granit & Marmor stood out with superb installation. The prices are reasonable, but you don’t chase the pennies when building a new kitchen. The joints and drilling of worktops is a difficult craft, especially the joints. Don’t know how they found their employees but the joints are absolutely 100/100. Highly recommended to anyone who needs fine discs in e.g. kitchen.

Rikard E October 2023